Cockroach Races

There are hundreds of little unknown events and festival all over the world, these range from merely odd to completely bonkers. Seek out an event, then produce something to promote it. From tee shirt to triumphal arch, an animation, a comic, etc. Main demographic — crazy and excitable audience.


The Story Bridge Hotel


Poster Design
T-Shirt Design



I chose an unfamiliar event that has gained momentum in my home town Brisbane,  Australia known as ‘The Story Bridge Hotel Cockroach Races’. The event is staged annually on Australian Day and is sponsored by the Hotel as a fund raiser. By mentioning this event to friends, I realized that a majority of people had a phobia towards the small edible creatures and I believed that this perception of cockroaches needed to change before this event were to gain more optimistic acclamation. By familiarizing the event through humanization of fun hedonistic alphabetical cartoon visuals, I felt that this demographic would become more audacious and curious about the event and it’s highlights.

Cockroach Posters 01
Cockroach Posters 02
Cockroach Posters 03
Cockroach Posters 04
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Cockroach T-Shirt Front

Cockroach T-Shirt Back

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